Missions in the Middle East
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Sunday December 24 at 9:49am and 6:00pm
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Missions in the Middle East

Through their ministry in this are, our missionaries deliver food portions to families, help to meet medical needs of refugees, provide clothes and blankets as theyas teach ESL classes. Above all of this however, they are investing in e people spiritually both through evangelistic services and personal relationships. As they live life with these people they are constantly presented with opportunities to share the hope of the message of Christ. As people are growing closer and more interested in Christ they are integrating them into the ministry and community of the church.. As they look to the future, it is their hope and their desire to continue working n partnership with  local churches to both start and strengthen them.

Please pray for their success and safety; more information on his specific mission endeavors can be obtained through the church office. 

Sunday Service

Worship Service 9:49am