Women's Care Group

This is a Bible study series and support group. 
All ladies are invited to join! 

Contact Laura Harden or call her at 526-5484.

Women's Inductive Bible Study

Inductive Bible study:
Biblical Holiness and the Call to Be Holy.

This inductive Bible study focuses on the concept of holiness, introduced in Exodus and concluded with multiple entries in the Book of Revelation. The question addressed in this study examines what Israel understood about the words used in the holiness literary motif in the Old Testament so as to compare God’s message to Israel with the gospel message presented in the New Testament. A thorough investigation is presented that looks at forms of the words holy and holiness in both the Old and New Testaments to examine what these concepts meant to the people of Israel and what they mean for those who follow Jesus Christ.

This study uses the Bible as the primary source of information and includes four dimensions of inductive study: observation of the biblical text, to carefully and accurately interpret Scripture, and look for eternal principles to help one make application of the Bible to the circumstances of one’s life.

Students have various options for completing the study: Participants can complete only the “observation and application” portions, which would probably take no more than one hour per week. Another option is to complete the rest of the lesson taking approximately two to three hours of study each week. When a group is meeting to discuss the lessons, each student benefits from the discussion and fellowship in God’s holy word.

The classes will meet throughout the school year, with breaks at the end of the year and on Monday holidays.

On break for the Summer.

Mondays 6:30-8:30pm in Ministry Center 1.

Led by Jan Wells.  All ladies welcome!

Crafts with a Purpose

Informal Fellowship on the 2nd  Saturday of the month from 9-11am in Ministry Center Room 3.
Knit, crochet, quilt, sew, needlework, do any type of craft… or just come and fellowship with us. Everyone is welcome! Donations of yarns and materials are welcome. 

Betty Jung:                           578-6864    lizj555@gmail.com                  
Barbara Humphreys:             539-2330      bahumphreys@gmail.com 
Nancy Mickens:                       575-7087     blazemmm@msn.com                  

Paint Class with Laurie Cox

Our own Laurie Cox will be facilitating a very special art time on Saturday, June 22nd, 1-3 pm, in the Ministry Center. The $25 fee for this fundraiser event will cover all your paint supplies and you will take home a lovely watercolor art piece to display.

Sign up at the Women’s Connection Point in the Lobby! Please include $25 fee at time of sign up.


Sunday Service

Worship Service 9:49am