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Sunday April 1 at 9:49am
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Revive Archive

An archive of past Revive topics, including notes and audio for those lessons which were recorded, can be found by clicking here.

Revive is interactive, discussion-oriented learning centered around God's Word.
We meet on Sundays at 11:15am, in the Ministry Center, after the service.  
Childcare is provided (ages 0-12) 

Current series and class questions:

Go Fish

People love to tell stories of their fishing adventures (“It was this big!”).

When it comes to faith, however, most of us clam up.

Why is it we can’t talk about what God has done in our lives as naturally as we can spin fishing tales?

This Revive series equips you with tools that will help you make sharing your faith a natural part of your life.

2.25.18  Go Fish – We Were All Fish Once

3.04.18 Go Fish-Why Fish

3.11.18 Go Fish-Fish Guts

Sunday Service

Worship Service 9:49am