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Crosspoint is excited to offer home groups!  The purpose and emphasis of home groups, aside from the Bible study component, is to fellowship, connect, serve one another, love each other, and embark on service projects together.  A list of current home groups is available by clicking here.  You can get involved today, right here!

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Parenting Conference :Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity

These three sessions are split over a two night program; October 26 and November 30.

Session #1 – Teaching Kids to Listen and Follow Instructions Parents often become frustrated because their kids don’t listen. In this session we take apart the instruction process and point out five steps for children ages 2 to 18. Parents learn how to teach cooperation and responsibility in this practical session.

Session #2 – Correction Ideas that Touch the Heart The goal of discipline is a changed heart. This session gives parents several hands-on tools to use when children need to be corrected. A change of heart is defined in practical terms and parents go away with a plan to use seven categories of consequences to motivate heart change in their kids. The underlying principle taught is that behavior modification is not enough. Parents must keep an eye on the heart.

Session #3 – Ending Discipline Times with Impact Parents often don’t know how to end discipline in a constructive way. This session explains a routine for helping children process correction and learn from the experience. Teaching children about repentance and forgiveness are heart gifts discussed here. This tool is especially helpful for children who blame others or have a victim mentality. The seminar is creative with interaction and several opportunities for parents to make specific application to their own families. The seminar ends by talking about God’s desire to touch the hearts of parents, not just their kids. Parents leave encouraged, armed with lots of practical strategies and a new vision for touching the hearts of their children.

Cost is $15 for single; $25 for couples

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