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Sermon Series

Making Disciples

"Make disciples" implies intentionality and process. Disciple-making doesn't just happen because a church exists and people show up. It is a deliberate process. Matthew 28:19-20 says to "make disciples", and there are three modifying participles: "going . . . baptizing . . . teaching".  These help us recognize the disciple-making process. It must include evangelizing (going to new people and new places), establishing (baptizing new believers and teaching obedience), and equipping (teaching believers to also make disciples).

At Crosspoint, we are becoming a disciple-making church, and one way we are doing that is by offering, free of charge, material that can be used in the disciple-making process. This material, developed by Francis Chan and David Platt, is intended to be worked through and discussed in intentional discipleship relationships, not merely read.  Below you will find links to different aspects of the material: Multiply, a pdf of the material itself and can be printed and reproduced, Videos that help introduce each week's session, which can be used by the discipler to help prepare for each discipleship meeting, Multiply Movement's Website, where all of this material and other helpful discipleship materials may be found, free of charge, and Links to where you can buy a copy of the book if you'd prefer to use a pre-printed version.

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey at Crosspoint, the journey God has called His family to be a part of: making disciples.


Click here for the entire Multiply discipleship material.


Click here to access the introductory videos for each lesson.


More information about the discipleship material we are using at Crosspoint can be found here:


If you'd rather have a hard copy, pre-printed, of the "Multiply" material, it is available for purchase anywhere books are sold, including here and here.

Here is an introduction to the idea of discipleship from Francis Chan and David Platt:


Don't Be Deceived, Disciples Make Disciples from Multiply on Vimeo.

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